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Top Plots for Sale in Shankarpur, Nagpur

Want your land in Shankarpur? Wainganga Realities offers top RERA & NMDRA-approved plots, perfect for your new home or business.

RERA & NMDRA Approved Plots in Shankarpur Nagpur


Looking for a perfect plot in Shankarpur, Nagpur to build your dream home or start your business? Wainganga Realities specializes in helping people find RERA & NMDRA-approved plots for sale in Shankarpur, Nagpur. Shankarpur is a friendly and convenient neighbourhood, perfect for families and businesses alike. It's known for its welcoming atmosphere and has everything you need close by! Schools, parks, and shops are all within easy reach, making life easier and more enjoyable.

Whether you're looking for a plot on Shankarpur, Nagpur to build your dream home or set up your business, this location offers the perfect balance. You'll have the comfort of a great community and the convenience of having everything you need nearby.

Finding the right plot can be stressful, but Wainganga Realities can help! We offer a variety of plots for sale in Shankarpur, Nagpur to suit your needs and budget. Our experienced team will simplify your search and help you find the perfect plot to turn your vision into reality.


Salient Features

  • Convenient Location: This location offers affordable plots for sale on Shankarpur.
  • Smooth Roads: Effortless travel with well-maintained cement roads.
  • Street lighting and electrification: Safe streets for you and your family to live in.
  • Continuous Power: A reliable electrical system keeps the lights on, 24/7.
  • Water Storage: Sufficient water supply with subterranean tanks.
  • School Bus Service: Your kids can take advantage of the convenient school bus service from surrounding schools.
  • Children's Play Area: Specialised areas where your kids can play and interact in a secure environment.
  • Lifestyle Amenities: Professionally designed amenities to enhance your everyday life.
  • Open Spaces: Lush parks and jogging areas provide ample room for relaxation and recreation.
  • Impressive Gates: Grand entrance gates welcome you home
  • Shiver line: Protects electrical lines from damage and prevents accidents.
  • Dedicated Water Supply: Each plot has its water system for ultimate convenience.
  • Enough Water: Elevated tanks ensure there's always sufficient water pressure.
  • Drainage Line: Efficient drainage system to eliminate rainwater and wastewater build-up.
  • Tree Plantation: A commitment to a healthy environment with beautiful trees for shade.
  • Joggers Park & Track: Dedicated spaces for joggers and walkers to enjoy their fitness routines.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP): Ensures proper wastewater treatment for a clean and healthy environment.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP): Ensures proper treatment of wastewater for a clean environment.
  • Footpath: Safe and convenient pedestrian walkways for easy access within the community.


The welcoming community of Shankarpur offers a convenient lifestyle with all the essentials nearby. Plots in Shankarpur Nagpur are surrounded by shops, schools, and parks, making it an ideal location to raise a family or establish your business. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the ease of having everything you need within reach.

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